Friday, March 12, 2010

ANC spokesman caught for drunk driving, issues statement on 'kill the boer' from police custody

Mthembu was first taken to Mowbray police station. Smith said a constable at the station did not want to process his case because he was a senior African National Congress member.

"They were unwilling to process the details against Mthembu. There was a threat made that our officers would be arrested," said Smith.

"The officers felt they were being intimidated because of the political credentials of the person involved."

The ghost squad members then took him to the Safely Home Anti Drunk-driving Operations War Room (Shadow) in Athlone.

"The law should not protect politicians," said Smith.

SHOOT: These okes seem to already believe they're above the law.

Earlier this week Brian Sokutu, also an ANC spokesperson, was suspended for remarks he made about President Jacob Zuma failing to declare his financial interests on time.
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Cape Town - ANC spokesperson Jackson Mthembu was arrested for drunken driving in Cape Town on Thursday morning, officials said.
But this did not put him off doing his job - he did a phone interview with Sapa about youth leader Julius Malema around 09:00, an hour after the arrest, when he was apparently still being held at the Mowbray police station.
He was more than three times over the legal limit, said JP Smith, the mayoral committee member for safety and security in Cape Town.
"Jackson Mthembu was arrested this morning [Thursday] on the N2 for driving in the bus lane. When they pulled him over, there was a strong smell of alcohol and they arrested him," said Smith.
He did a lengthy telephonic interview with Sapa around 09:00 about the criminal complaint against youth leader Malema singing "kill the boers, they are rapists", during which Mthembu at one stage started singing the song over the phone.
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