Friday, March 19, 2010

ANALYSIS - S.Africa protests to intensify ahead of World Cup

REUTERS: A flare-up of violent South African protests reminiscent of the apartheid era could escalate ahead of the soccer World Cup as the country's angry poor press their demands for better housing and jobs.

SHOOT: Definitely a concern if current behaviours are anything to go by. At least SA security is getting practise ahead of the big games.
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For the past two months, protests in poor black townships and shantytowns have become an almost daily occurrence with police using water canons and rubber bullets to disperse protesters armed with rocks and stones.

And these protests could spread and intensify before the world's premier sporting event held in Africa for the first time from June 11-July 11, political analysts believe.

A threat by South Africa's two-million-strong COSATU trade union federation to strike nationwide over power price increases during the sports event could add pressure on President Jacob Zuma's government.

"The government can afford to spend billions of rands on (World Cup) stadiums but has no money to improve our lives," said Morongoa Molokmone, who lives in the grim Orange Farm squatter settlement south of Johannesburg.

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