Wednesday, March 17, 2010

50 Worst of the Worst (and Most Common) Job Interview Mistakes

SHOOT: There are a few more to bear in mind ---
29. Chewing gum, tobacco, your pen, your hair.
33. Asking to use the bathroom.
35. Shaking hands too weakly, or too firmly.
45. Sounding desperate.
47. Oversharing.
48. Sounding rehearsed.
50. Failing to ask for the job.
Sounds simple enough
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You may have heard the horror stories--job hunters who take phone calls or text during an interview, or bring out a sandwich and start chomping, or brush their hair, or worse. You wouldn't do any of those things, would you? Of course not.

But there are tons of other job interview no-no's you may not have thought of. Or that you've forgotten. The job hunting trail is long and arduous, and a little refresher course can't hurt. So for your edification and enjoyment, here are 50 (yes, 50!) of the worst and most common job interview mistakes:

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1. Arriving late.

2. Arriving too early.

3. Lighting up a cigarette, or smelling like a cigarette.

4. Bad-mouthing your last boss.

5. Lying about your skills/experience/knowledge.

6. Wearing the wrong (for this workplace!) clothes.

7. Forgetting the name of the person you're interviewing with.

8. Wearing a ton of perfume or aftershave.

9. Wearing sunglasses.

10. Wearing a Bluetooth earpiece.

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