Friday, February 05, 2010

Lost In Australia - an Introduction

Apologies to those of you who have made a few visits here to update yourselves with my doen en late.

At the moment I am in Melbourne, specifically a backpackers called Urban Central.
I arrived in Australia on the 25th of January and have made a whirlwind trip - taking in Perth and the area just south in WA, then the world's longest section of railway track [across the Nullaboor Desert].

For the past few days I've been in Adelaide and over the coming weekend I'm competing in another 70.3 race [a half Ironman].

Travelling is a wonderful elixir for the human spirit, and I have felt like, over the past few years, a cancer has taken root and I have felt myself feeling increasingly like the walking dead. In part this was as a result of working for an incredibly stifling company and incredibly stifling boss. I have a few other pressing concerns but won't raise these just yet.

I am obviously taking hundreds of photographs during my travels and will put these back as soon as I am on home soil. I have to admit though that I have realised of late that not only am I not proudly South African, in fact the opposite, I will be making every effort to get out of a country I am increasingly ashamed of. A president with 5 wives and 20 children? Really?

If I can I'll try to make Australia my home. It's modern, sophisticated, progressive and very well organised. The government cares about its people, and about issues that matter. Like climate change.

I've also have a few ideas whilst on the road. One will involve a re-design of this blog into something more cohesive, and in a word: inspiring. Stay tuned.

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