Sunday, January 10, 2010

World's Most Amazing Views

Why It’s Amazing: The Tiger’s Nest (or Paro Taktsang Monastery) clings like lichen to rocky cliffs in Bhutan’s Paro Valley and creates an awed silence among visitors, broken only by the sound of rustling prayer flags and chanting monks.

SHOOT: I've seen Paris, now for the next - The Great Barrier Reef, which I'll be seeing this February.
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Cliffs of Moher

Great Wall of China

Paris Skyline

Why It’s Amazing: Napoleon is credited for transforming the City of Light during the Second Empire, but it was engineer Gustave Eiffel who helped define the cityscape with a colossal iron lattice tower, which has become a symbol of romance that can be seen sparkling from even the remotest corners of Paris’s 20th Arrondissement.

The Matterhorn

Secret Viewing Spot: Ascend Gornergrat by railway and exit at quiet Rotenboden station. Walk down the 3-kilometer path to Lake Riffelsee, which on clear days offers majestic reflections of the mountain.

Grand Canyon

Machu Picchu

To witness dawn spilling over the lush Peruvian Urubamba Valley is an unforgettable experience.

Tiger’s Nest

Great Barrier Reef

Secret Viewing Spot: Try off-beach diving and snorkeling from tranquil Lady Elliot Island, home to a population of manta rays and renowned for its crystal-clear waters.

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