Saturday, January 09, 2010

Vehicle sales at their lowest in 5 years

SHOOT: I have a theory - in order to combat climate change the factors in play are all that are needed. Bad weather in the Northern hemisphere is curbing driving [although not gas consumption for electricity], while all over the world fewer cars are being bought [with the exception of China] due to the credit crunch. Concomitantly we should see demand - and thus consumption - continue to contract, as it must. Thus our actions will change as a matter of nature, not by choice, but by force.
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Turning to 2009 as a whole, Naamsa said new vehicle sales had
declined sharply in every sector.

Industry aggregate sales had declined by 138 157 units or 25.9% to 395 230 vehicles, compared to the 533 387 units sold
during 2008.

"This represents the lowest industry annual sales level since
2003 and underlines the disproportionately severe impact of the
three-and-a-half-year recession on the domestic market, compounded
by the shock to the South African economy of the global financial
and economic crisis," Naamsa said.

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