Friday, January 08, 2010

Top Weight Loss Foods

SHOOT: Some interesting ideas here but I disagree with Ice Coffee in partcular. In fact I can't think of a worse thing to put into your body other than ice cream perhaps. Milk, also, not sure if that's so great to drink - rather drink water, or flavored or sparkling water. Your best bet for breakfast is a high fibre cereal. Yep, not tasty - but one thing lacking in this lot is fibre. It's also lacking in our diets in general.
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Full-Fat Cheese
This dairy product is an excellent source of casein protein-- one of the best muscle-building nutrients you can eat. What's more, Danish researchers found that even when men ate 10 ounces of full-fat cheese daily for 3 weeks, their LDL ("bad") cholesterol didn't budge.
Pork Chops
Per gram of protein, pork chops contain almost five times the selenium--an essential mineral that's linked to a lower risk of prostate cancer--of beef, and twice that of chicken. And Purdue researchers found that a 6-ounce serving daily helped people preserve their muscle while losing weight.
Iced Coffee
Coffee reduces your appetite, increases your metabolism, and gives you a shot of antioxidants.
Although the mechanism isn’t clear, the researchers speculate that grapefruit’s acidity may slow your rate of digestion, helping keep you full longer.
Turns out, an apple a day may also keep the extra weight away.
Skip the cold cereal:
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