Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Photography tips to inspire you

You need to know when it’s the perfect time to take the shot. I try to use only natural light and avoid heavy digital enhancement.

SHOOT: At the link below are over 225 tips from 50 photographers. I am anothewr photographer who prefers to shoot in natural [ambient] light. Studio and design photography looks fake, because it is fake. I'm also constantly asking my models to come naked [as in without make-up] and more often than not I try to get them not to smile.

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Born in Surrey in 1952, Martin Parr is one of the UK’s best-known documentary photographers. He studied (and taught) photography at Manchester Poly in the 1970s. Career highlights include an Arts Council Award in 1975, full membership of Magnum Photos and a retrospective at the Barbican in 2002.
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1. Make sure people aren’t smiling. Otherwise you end up with a snapshot.

2. Move in closer when you’re taking people shots.

4. Then make sure people aren’t smiling again. This is the biggest error in portraits taken by amateurs.
5. For candid shots, just keep persevering. Your luck will come in the end.
Top photo tips
Be engaged with your subject, but at the same time be considerate – you are the guest.
Think about combining the composition of the shot with the context of where you’re taking it. The two shouldn’t be separated.
For my kind of work, I try to use natural light wherever possible. It’s more natural!
Ask permission to get in close.
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