Tuesday, January 05, 2010

PHOTOGRAPHY TIPS: Pursue your muse, be it rock stars or lizards

SHOOT: The great thing about photography is it allows you to spend time absorbing, paying attention to and soaking up what you love. It might be nature, or beauty or fashion.

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Be business-like – marketing is the other half of the story. Or hire someone to do the hustling!
Choose subjects you’re passionate about. I decided I wanted to shoot motorsports when I was a teenager.
Don’t be afraid to experiment in order to stand out from the crowd. Your work has to stand out.
Follow your passion. You’ll do best shooting what you love, and I see this with my students.
Never stop learning about the endless subtleties of light.
Don’t follow trends or copy other people’s work.
Think about creating images that look fantastic straight out of the camera, without relying on post-processing Photoshop enhancements.
Choose your times – photograph at first and last light.
Always look for colour and how best to capture it.
Listen to your inner voice... it’s usually right about everything.
Try to travel light. This will encourage you to always take a camera out and about with you..
Learn to shoot against the light because this will give you the most atmospheric shots.
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