Thursday, January 07, 2010

Icy Weather Causes Chaos in UK

Airlines have been forced to cancel hundreds of flights - with budget carrier easyJet alone having to axe more than 250 services.

Those airports that have reopened are operating limited and delayed services and travellers are advised to check with their airlines.

About 5% of train services have been cancelled and a third ran late during the first half of the day, with Channel Tunnel high-speed train company Eurostar axing four services.

There are currently no trains running between Glasgow-Edinburgh, Perth-Inverness, Carlisle-Edinburgh, Sheffield-Leeds and Portsmouth Harbour-Guildford.

SHOOT: It's interesting that airlines are having to deal with no only high energy prices in the foreseeable future, but also bad weather. Bad weather results in cancelled flights which results in lost revenues which airlines can ill-afford. Best to invest in trains - less in airlines and in road transport.
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More heavy snow and icy conditions are forecast across Britain after parts of the country shuddered to a halt as the weather brought chaos to road, rail and air travel.

Warnings of either heavy snow or ice are in place for every county in the UK, a spokeswoman said.

Double-decker bus crashes into doctor's surgery in London on icy roads

Up to 5,000 homes in Kent, Surrey and Sussex are without electricity tonight after heavy snow affected power lines.

Snow and ice has made driving conditions almost impossible in some areas, while a number of airports, including Gatwick and Stansted, were forced to close while runways were cleared.

The AA says it expects to attend 15,000 breakdowns across the UK by the end of the day, compared to about 9,000 for a normal Wednesday.

London escaped the worst of the weather for much of the day with most Tube and bus services running but with some delays.

But conditions in the capital are beginning to turn icy and this afternoon a double-decker bus skidded off an icy road in Willesden and crashed into a doctor's surgery.

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