Monday, January 04, 2010

Cold Snap - Asia joins shivering Europe and USA, Seoul experiences record one-day snowfall

The accumulation in Seoul broke a one-day record of 25.6cm and is expected to grow, said weather officials, who have been keeping records for about 70 years.

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Beijing/Seoul - Heavy snows and biting cold pummelled North Asia on Monday, with the unusually harsh winter weather snarling up transport across north China and South Korea but unlikely to deal any lasting economic damage.
As the cold snap pressed east, swathes of the Korean peninsula were also hit by heavy snow on Monday, choking up the rush hour commute in Seoul, where the main domestic airport, Gimpo, cancelled all domestic flights.
The icy conditions could push up food prices temporarily by stalling shipments and damaging greenhouses, delay flights, and hold up business in Beijing and other cities for a few days.
The snow over the weekend was the capital's biggest since 1951, with falls of up to 20cm in the city's far north near the Great Wall, local TV news reported.
The national meteorological office warned that temperatures in the nation's far north could fall to around -32°.
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