Thursday, January 07, 2010

The burned body of an aspiring Playboy model has been found in a rubbish bin

SHOOT: There's something about this story that says a lot about the dark side of our consumer society. Part of a consumer society is a throwaway society, where almost everything has no value - no worth - to us. Easy come, easy go. We need to start respecting ourselves more, and things more. And treat people as something better than objects. Of course, our actions also need to be worthy of respect. If you live as a consumer expect to be treated as one.
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Paula Sladewski

Paula Sladewski - who appeared in the video Playboy: The Ultimate Playmate Search - was so badly burned officials had to use dental records to identify her.

The LA-based model had been visiting Florida during a holiday with her boyfriend who reported her missing.

On New Year’s Eve she went to a Lady Gaga concert in Miami and spent the weekend visiting nightclubs and bars.

Reports claimed she became separated from her boyfiend in the early hours of Sunday morning. Her charred remains were discovered on Sunday night.

A passer-by had alerted the authorities after seeing a bin on fire in a Miami street.

Ms Sladewski's stepfather Richard Watkins told the Miami Herald his stepdaughter was an aspiring model who saw the profession as her dream.

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