Thursday, January 07, 2010

Arctic Conditions Persist in the United Kingdom

Forecasters say the country can expect the arctic conditions to continue for another two weeks.

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Plunging temperatures have turned heavy snowfalls in to treacherous sheet ice as Britain continues to be gripped by the coldest snap in a generation.

Sky's weather presenter Lucy Verasamy said: "It really is bitterly, bitterly cold for all of us. The ice will simply stay frozen with temperatures hovering around zero all day."

Overnight the mercury plummeted, with Benson in Oxfordshire the coldest at -17C (1F), Manchester at -13 (21F) and even central London at -3C (27F).

8,000 homes are without electricity in Kent, Sussex, Surrey and Hampshire after snow brought down power lines.

Sky correspondent James Matthews reported from the cut-off village of Pathhead in Scotland. He said: "In the rural areas people are being left largely to fend for themsleves as authorities struggle to keep up with the worsening conditions."

Gritter on the Hampshire roads
Unfortunately at the moment I'm afraid demand for salt is outstripping supply, so we're having to prioritise.
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