Thursday, January 07, 2010

5 New Year's Resolutions That Save Money

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Quit Smoking

Smoking won't just kill you, it'll drain your bank account.

Smokers are using the high cost of the habit as one reason to quit. In an August study by the American Lung Association in Washington, D.C., smokers listed "saving money" as the No. 1 reason they wanted to quit, says Dr. Norman H. Edelman, chief medical officer.

Exercise Regularly

You'll save money in several ways with regular exercise.

On average, Americans are spending $7,800 annually on health care, according to the National Association of Health Underwriters. "More than half those costs are the result of lifestyle choices," says Leavitt.

Eat Healthier

A healthy eating plan can be as -- or more -- economical than fast food. "It's a total myth that eating healthy is expensive," says Tallmadge. "It's the cheapest way to eat."

Pay Down Debt

If this is a priority, it means that you've already recognized your life would be better without the stress of debt.

Build Up Emergency Fund
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Anonymous said...

100 % best advice ever! Eating healthily is definately cheaper - the junk food is darn expensive, apart from being bad for you. Smokers are the pits! I saw a guy on a bike yesterday who lit up a cigarette at the robot!!
If u r in tune with your body u wont abuse it