Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Woods linked to adult film star, naked pictures

SHOOT: Just gets worse and worse.
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Another report Monday said someone is offering naked photos of Tiger to Playgirl magazine, and it's a fairly legit story, according to GossipCop. One possibility is alleged mistress No. 7, Holly Sampson, an adult film star.

The magazine's rep apparently said: "We're currently trying to authenticate the photos before we make any decisions on purchasing the Tiger Woods pics and ascertaining the value."

A poll by CNN and USA Today reported that approval ratings for Woods have plunged since June in the wake of his admission of mistakes, which came after an audiotape, purportedly of Woods, linked him to an alleged mistress.

The New York Daily News reported earlier that Cori Rist, a 31-year-old divorced mother, said she met Woods at a New York club.

Also on the Fox list were Sampson, 36; Kalika Moquin, 27, a Las Vegas club manager; model Jamie Jungers, 26; Mindy Lawton, a 33-year-old waitress from Orlando; and three unidentified women, two from British reports and another waitress from Orlando
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