Monday, December 14, 2009

Tutu tells world: we must resolve climate change

SHOOT: Are there any solid developments so far in Copenhagen?
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Climate talks shift into high gear

Environment ministers haggled behind closed doors in their first major get-together of the UN climate summit, as they were warned Sunday of the catastrophic consequences of failure to reach a deal.

But in its first six days, negotiators made negligible progress on any of the major issues, stoking fears that the outcome would be a poor fudge. Related article: Developing nations slam EU pledge

Hedegaard insisted that, compared with a couple of months ago, procedural advances in the first six days had been "fantastic."

The UNFCCC conference is seen by some commentators as the most important parlay since the end of World War II.

Its goal is nothing less than taming greenhouse gases -- the invisible byproduct, derived mainly from the burning of coal, oil and gas, that traps the Sun's heat and warms Earth's atmosphere.

"This is a problem. If we don't resolve it, no-one is going to survive," Tutu told a crowd of more than a thousand.

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