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Tiger's wife has kittens: Police suspect Nordegren couldn't see the Woods for the tees

Florida Highway Patrol is basing its probable-cause claim on Nordegren's statement that she went looking for Woods in a golf cart and smashed one of his car's windows with a golf club to haul him out after the crash.

But she told police on the scene a different story, omitting the golf cart.

SHOOT: Life lesson: Blondes do not like to be cheated on, especially when they're cheated on by brunettes. Woods could lose many of his sponsorships and endorsements over this.
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THIRD WHEEL: Party planner Rachel Uchitel who, according to reports, was seen recently with Tiger Woods at the Australian Masters Picture: AP

Celebrity website TMZ reported that the traffic authorities in the US state want to establish whether Woods' injuries were consistent with a car crash or with domestic violence.

This follows reports by the website that Woods' wife, former Swedish model Elin Nordegren, attacked him and cut his lip shortly before he fled their Florida mansion in the early hours of Friday morning and crashed his car into a fire hydrant and a neighbour's tree.

And if Nordegren is found to have beaten her husband, she could be arrested for domestic violence.

Anther bit of evidence that could sway a judge is that Woods told a friend that he was on prescription pain medication at the time, indicating that he might have been driving under the influence of a drug.

Hours after his accident on Friday, Woods told a friend on the phone that he wanted to buy a "Kobe special" - also known as "a house on a finger" - for his wife.

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