Thursday, December 03, 2009

Tiger: People are asking if this will cost him millions of endorsements

SHOOT: Depends on whether he keeps on playing, and winning. I have a feeling people generally suffer from ADD. Big splash now, in 6 months will anybody care? Somehow I think they will because it sounds like it's beyond one affair. If there's a divorce that will be another tabloid stream etc. Which brand wants to be associated with that, other than PLAYBOY magazine.

"Economists are saying that so far holiday sales are down, but that doesn't figure in the diamond ring that Tiger Woods is going to have to buy his wife.

"Anyway, it doesn't necessarily mean there was any kind of domestic dispute. It's Tiger Woods' house. Golf clubs are everywhere. They do everything with golf clubs -- cook with golf clubs, brush their hair with golf clubs. 'Honey can you pass the meatballs?' (Does a golf swing) 'There you are.' "

"People are asking if this will cost him millions of endorsements. I say people who like golf don't give a rat's ass. All people who love golf care about is golf. People who love golf will buy anything he endorses. When he endorses something to do with golf, I'll buy it."

If Tiger wins the Masters next year, they'll not only forgive him, his latest girlfriend will be doing endorsements.

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