Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Tiger is probably going to lose all his endorsements

SHOOT: Why? Because there's a lot of dirt.

"My sister told me they came in regularly. Elin would read the paper while Tiger ogled my sister."
clipped from www.timeslive.co.za
Tiger Woods

This is the latest tally of the string of alleged affairs, which may reveal the top golfer's penchant for waitresses.

This weekend, blonde model Jamie Jungers and "$8-an-hour" diner waitress Mindy Lawton were revealed as the latest in his list of alleged extramarital conquests.

And if reports are to be believed, Woods' six relationships seem to overlap since 2005.

Last week, party planner Rachel Uchitel, cocktail waitress Jaimee Grubbs, porn star Holly Sampson and club promoter Kalika Moquin were either outed or revealed relationships with Woods.

Her betrayed fiancé Derek Schmidt, 28, was quoted in TheDaily Mail, saying: "On the night Jamie first slept with him, I had just bought the new Tiger Woods computer game. I was a big fan of his. Next morning, she told me she had met Tiger and he gave her his number - and like an idiot, I got really excited. I even asked if she could call him so I could get my computer game signed."

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