Monday, December 07, 2009

Tiger has become a Cheetah

They presumptuously put themselves beyond authority and, despite all the public relations support on earth, broke the first rule of scandal: Don’t stonewall.

SHOOT: Dowd is accurate particularly on the subtle point that these wealthy celebrities seem to think their privilege also grants them moral immunity.
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It was the assertion of personal privilege by Tiger and Desiree that was so off-putting.

After the baseball steroid scandal and the disappointing news that Tiger’s a cheetah, as the New York Post headline put it, it’s time to accept that athletes are not role models. They’re just models — for everything from sports drinks to running shoes to razor blades to credit cards to peanut butter to Buicks to Wheaties.

Tiger may have been the greatest pro golfer but he was an amateur adulterer. His puffed-up ego led him to leave an electronic trail with a string of buffed and puffed babes.

Like so many politicians before him, Tiger ignored the obvious rule: Never get involved with women who have 8-by-10 glossies.

But once he served up the fairy tale wedding with the Swedish beauty and had two kids, his value was in family and his projection of family values.

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