Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Pornstar Golf: Is golf losing its respectability

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The Tiger Woods sex scandal has been amazing for the sheer numbers so far if nothing else, but there hasn’t really been anything pornographic about it yet. Thankfully the Daily Mail stepped right up and took care of that.

Other reports linked Woods to 36-year-old blond porn star Holly Sampson. Britain’s Daily Mail reported that the Los Angeles hottie - star of such recent adult films as “OMG, Stop Tickling Me” and “Flying Solo 2″ - is “not denying she bedded Tiger.” “She has no comment on the matter,” Sampson’s Denver-based lawyer Andrew Contiguglia told the New York Daily News. If true, Sampson would be lucky No. 7 on the list of purported Woods’ bedmates

At this point it’s hard not to notice that all these women are white. I don’t know what that means but I think it’s racist. Tiger seems boring as hell, so these girls must have had sex with him because he’s rich and they wanted money or because he’s black and they wanted to piss off their family.
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