Sunday, December 13, 2009

North Korean plane with 35 tons of weapons seized in Thailand

SHOOT: This ought to cost North Korea a fresh round of paralysing sanctions.
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The cargo plane sits on the tarmac at the airport in Bangkok. The pilot told authorities the aircraft was headed to Sri Lanka.

Bangkok, Thailand (CNN) -- Thai authorities seized a cargo aircraft carrying tons of weapons from North Korea during a refueling stop in Bangkok, a government official said.

The pilot told Thai authorities the aircraft was headed to Sri Lanka, but its final destination was unknown, according to Panitan Wattanayagorn, a spokesman for the Thai prime minister.

It contained about 35 tons of weapons, including rocket-propelled grenades, shoulder-launched rockets and tubes that may be missile components, the spokesman said.

The plane, which was detained Saturday, had five people onboard -- four from Kazakhstan and one from Belarus. They will appear in court Monday on charges related to illegal weapons smuggling, the spokesman said.

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