Monday, December 21, 2009

Marguerite Wheatley on kissing Matt Damon, being directed by Clint Eastwood in INVICTUS

SHOOT: She seems like a sweet, level-headed lass. Nice to see.
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Marguerite Wheatley interview
Q. What is Clint Eastwood like as a director?
He's very free. I've never worked with a director like this before. He uses realism to the max and likes to use real people, not necessarily actors. He basically puts the camera in place and tells you "Go". He doesn't even say "action" or go off set. Usually after they've set up a scene, the director will disappear behind a monitor. He was right there all the time, watching. It's almost like a rehearsal. He only does one or two takes and keeps it very natural.
Q. What was your offscreen relationship with Matt Damon like?
Look, I was quite shy.
We'd chat about the culture and he had a lot of questions about rugby. I didn’t want to invade anyone's space so when I was done for the day I would get out of the way. But I wanted to absorb as much as I could so sometimes I'd stay on set, hide out in a corner somewhere, to watch everyone work.
Q. It must've been nerve-wrangling to shoot your romantic scene with him.
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Clint have been my favorite actor and director since my childhood.