Thursday, December 03, 2009

Johannesburg, we have a problem

SHOOT: South Africans accuse each other of being moaners, whingers, complainers. Actually, we have a lot to complain about. World leading levels of HIV, crime and soon, electrcity prices. If anything we should be complaing, protesting, shouting, shaking our fists more in the name of higher standards that are not being met.
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In response to a parliamentary question, it said that between September 14 and November 27, there were 30,650 calls to the hotline of which 9,190 cases were resolved.

"The presidential hotline is not able to handle the call load at this stage. Even if we were to scale up the number of call agents, we can only do so up to a certain limit - given that resources are limited."

It said Zuma has urged all premiers and ministers to take steps to remedy the situation and "ensure all enquiries transferred to them for investigation are responded to urgently and efficiently".

It said the nature of complaints included crime, housing shortages, unfair labour practices, difficulties with banks and insurance companies, breaches of contract by government departments and requests for funding, including bursaries.

There were also numerous complaints from political parties "especially the Democratic Alliance", which has been scathing about the quality of service.

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