Thursday, December 10, 2009

Invictus: Inspiration comes standard

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Invictus: Inspiration comes standard

Almost 15 years ago something momentous happened in South Africa. Morgan Freeman calls it a moment when "a nation coalesced so suddenly and so completely. I was proud", he says, "to have the opportunity to tell this story". And it is a story few people in the world know about, and many South Africans could do well to remember. It comes at a time when the world itself must rise to extraordinary new goals and challenges; when every man, every colour, must again search for the best in themselves - by Nick van der Leek

- Nelson Mandela in Invictus

The genius of this film is that Eastwood nevertheless finds the honest authenticity that gives this film its thrust, to move us through a powerful and transformative story that becomes something magical in the process. It really is a story worthy of the wider world, and one South Africans ought to re-examine, and re-visit in themselves.

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