Monday, December 14, 2009

Golf wanted all of us to make Tiger our business because it was good for golf's business. The sports fans are justified in feeling as though they, too, are victims of a betrayal.

The stupidity, though, is mostly Tiger's. His behavior appears pathological and suggests he psychologically compartmentalized his world into a road version and a home edition. These were doomed to inevitably collide and leave wreckage and not all of the rubble can be reassembled. His golf career is the most likely fatal casualty. Tiger just does not appear the type to be able to live with the snickers and jokes that will, sadly, never die.
"Yep, I whored around with porn stars and had group sex when I was on the road but now I'm sorry. I need y'all to give me some privacy so I can get on with my life." (Snicker, snicker.)

SHOOT: I agree that Tiger set himself and the world up from the ultimate double bogey. He's wife should leave him and he should retire somewhere and contemplate what was.

There is a terminal velocity for any body falling from a great height. The amount of time spent at that speed does not really matter in terms of damage upon impact. Irreparable harm tends to be the consequence regardless of the irresistible force the object eventually encounters. These appear to be the physics of Tiger Wood's recent days.

The public wrongly assumed that because Tiger was so disciplined in athletics that he was equally principled in his comportment off the course. In fact, the deep and profound anger of Wood's wife Elin appears to come from the evidence that Tiger never behaved as though he were married. His betrayal goes beyond the weak-willed man long separated from his love and turns his bride into a complete fool for assuming she was living the fairy tale of romance, money, glamour, and children. Nothing Tiger might have done could have more deeply harmed his wife because she now sees her entire existence in his world as a fraud.
Who has that much forgiveness?
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