Monday, December 14, 2009

The fairest of them all is…

SHOOT: My Miss World Coverage. Photos I took after the show can be viewed here:

Note of thanks: to Media24 for making all the necessary arrangements, much appreciated.
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Miss Gibraltar steals the crown from the other 111.
I asked the newly crowned Miss World who she had told first about her win.  She replied, “My friend, and I want to tell my little sister.”  Although Miss Gibraltar escaped my radar, I found her genuine, accessible and naturally stunning.  She has great confidence for someone so young, and is very relaxed and comfortable in the media spotlight. She is also incredibly photogenic, and showed her class in front of a bank of photographers wearing a risqué white lace dress.
The event was by no means a sold out affair, though.  In fact, my companion and I were able to advance from Row N to the third row since many seats right in front had gone unsold.  The Johannesburg Tourism Council, the company who sponsored the 2009 Miss World, is rumored to be bankrupt.  The Mail & Guardian reports that a loan of R13 million was granted to the JTC by the city of Johannesburg in November. They're probably hoping to recover their losses in June next year.
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Anonymous said...

Congratulations on wonderful photos, Nick. Your work is excellent and on par with that of top class photographers!

Nick said...

Can you send me your account number, so I can pay you for saying that. Thanks ;-)