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Demjanjuk - 'Ivan the terrible ' - is a hypochondriac

Demjanjuk, who changed his name from Ivan after moving to the United States after World War II, was sentenced to death in Israel in 1988 for being "Ivan the Terrible", a sadistic Nazi guard at another camp, Treblinka.

SHOOT: Ironic that someone accused of murdering almost 30 000 exagerates his own condition in order to be let off the hook - I guess on the grounds of compassion. My guess is this dude is an expert at lying to others, and himself. How else could he live with himself?
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Holocaust survivors blast Demjanjuk health claims

On Monday, while at one point he was lying flat on the stretcher covered head-to-toe in a white blanket, he later was seen laughing and joking after the day's hearing.

His behaviour angered many of the elderly Holocaust survivors, some of whom made it out of Sobibor, who had come to Munich to testify in the trial either as co-plaintiffs or as witnesses. None, however, can place Demjanjuk at the camp.

"I am sure he is faking his condition," said Thomas Blatt, an 82-year-old Sobibor survivor, originally from Germany, now living in Los Angeles.

The family of the 89-year-old Demjanjuk, who denies ever being at Sobibor, says he suffers from leukaemia and other illnesses and that he will probably not survive the trial.

But medical experts cast doubt on how ill Demjanjuk is and on Monday again told the court he was well enough to be tried. Proceedings are already limited to two 90-minute sessions per day.

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