Thursday, December 10, 2009

Contador admits: Lance pushed me to the limit

SHOOT: Think he is making a massive mistake in terms of settling for a weakened team. He cites 'energy' as a reason for not setting up his own team, but how much energy do you expend in the race and train for and then potentially have thatwasted because your team isn't top notch. Think this is a bit naive from the champion.
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The Spaniard had a turbulent 2009, marked by a prickly relationship with team-mate and seven-times Tour winner Lance Armstrong, and opened negotiations with other leading outfits.
He eventually decided to not to break his contract with Kazakh-funded Astana, with runs to the
end of 2010, but told Spain's Marca newspaper his chances of winning a third Tour next year were limited.
"I am realistic and I know that I have a weaker team than in previous years and for that reason
we'll have to work hard on motivation in training so that we know what we can achieve and how to do it," said Contador, who turned 27 on Sunday.
"I know that it will be a difficult year and it's possible I won't be able to win the Tour even if I am in good shape.
"I am thinking about the 2010 Tour, not the 2009 one, even though I admit he pushed me to the limit in all areas, psychologically and physically.
"But it helped me a lot to mature and I hope to exploit that experience next year."
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