Sunday, December 06, 2009

Conflicting Media reports on Swine Flu - is it surging or waning?

SHOOT: Answer? Nobody really knows. This virus is holding all the cards. There's not a helluva lot we can do or say. Official deaths worlwide from H1N1 are at 10,800+.
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Swine Flu Continues to Wane

Whether the H1N1 virus will come back during winter isn't known, CDC says

During a press conference Tuesday, he said that, of the experts polled by the agency on the odds of another surge, about 50 percent said there would be one, and about 50 percent said there would not be one -- and one expert said "flip a coin."

Frieden noted that during the flu pandemic of 1957-1958, cases surged at the start of the school year and then waned, but surged again from December to February.

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However, The LA Times reports that California had it's highest yet number of swine flu related hospitalizations last week, with nearly 800 people being admitted. In addition, health officials are bracing for a possible second wave in coming months, particularly around the holidays.
Pandemics are very unpredictable. . . . We cannot turn our back and be complacent.
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