Friday, December 18, 2009

Brands We Loved and Lost in 2009

SHOOT: Brands we'll lose in t6he next 5 years - Goldman Sachs, Fedex, GM and a bunch of other motoring brands and airline brands.
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1. Circuit City Retail Stores

Circuit City became one of the largest retailers to go out of business this year, after the 60-year old electronics chain declared bankruptcy at the end of 2008.

2. Saturn

GM dubbed Saturn "a different kind of car company" when it launched the brand in 1990. Alas, it was not different enough.

3. Pontiac

Gear heads across the nation mourned the loss of Pontiac, when a bankrupt General Motors decided to discontinue the long-standing brand earlier this year as part of a restructuring plan.

4. Kodachrome

When Kodak introduced Kodachrome in 1935, it became the first commercially successful color film.

But demand for traditional films evaporated over the last decade as digital photography became increasingly available. At the time it was retired in June, sales of Kodachrome were less than 1% of Kodak's still picture film revenue.

5. Home Depot Expo
The brand was aimed at homeowners who wanted a luxury remodel without having to hire an interior designer.
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