Monday, December 21, 2009

Boobs flashed, car crashed

SHOOT: Moral of this story - don't drive under the influence of boobs.
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A teenager flashing her breasts in the middle of a New Zealand road paid for her drunken revelry when a distracted driver ran into her.

Cherelle Dudfield (18) was dared to flash passing cars in the southern city of Invercargill after a night out drinking with friends.

She had exposed herself to a couple of cars from a strip in the middle of the road when the stunt went awry.

"I had seen a car coming towards me on the centrelane, so I decided to run and I got hit," Dudfield told commercial television news.

She was taken to hospital but suffered only a few cuts and bruises after rolling over the bonnet of the car and cracking the windscreen.
Dudfield said she had learned her lesson and had a message for anyone else considering a similar stunt.

"Don't be me, don't be stupid, don't get drunk
and stand in the middle of the road and flash anyone because it hurts when you get hit."
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