Saturday, December 12, 2009

An attempt by Miss World Ltd to gag the Mail & Guardian newspaper was defeated in the South Gauteng High Court, says the publication.

SHOOT: Look closely at the picture below. My favorite is Miss Russia, 2 seats on Zuma's right [left as you're looking]. Miss Croatia, the blonde, is also Claudia Schifferish. So what if Miss Indonesia belongs to a cult. Some people are fundamentalistic Christians. Same thing.
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President Jacob Zuma met the 2009 Miss World finalists at the Presidential Guest House in Pretoria. He is seated next to (from left) Miss Russia Kseniya Shipilova, Miss SA Tatum Keshwar, Miss Croatia Ivana Vasilj and Miss Columbia Daniela Lalinde.

The organisers of the Miss World pageant, due to take place in Johannesburg this evening, had sought an urgent interdict on Friday night to force the newspaper to remove two stories from its website.

One story contained information that Miss Indonesia was linked to an alleged cult, while the second story dealt with the "ballooning" costs incurred by the city of Johannesburg because of the pageant..

"Counsel for Miss World Ltd argued that the stories would cause irreparable commercial damage to the organisation if a global audience was exposed to them on the day of the pageant," the newspaper said in a statement.

"Judge Mathopo disagreed, repeatedly pointing out that stories concerning the links of Miss Indonesia to the alleged cult... had been in the public domain for some time," the M&G said.

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