Monday, October 05, 2009

Queen of Bling's ex Mandla Mthembu is on the run

SHOOT: How much fun can it be to have a nice car but be on the run to keep up that lifestyle. It's supposed to be called a 'comfortable' life. I guess it's hard to admit sometimes that we can't maintain a certain standard of living, but the longer one maintains the pretense, the deeper you slide into debt, and humiliation.

Listen to a recent 5fm interview with Khanyi Mbau and Gareth Cliff.

Former journalist-turned millionaire and socialite Mandla Mthembu is a wanted man.

Absa bank has offered an unspecified reward to anyone who will give them details of Mthembu’s whereabouts.

Absa risk management officer Elize van Niekerk confirms that their efforts to trace Mthembu have been in vain.

A source reveals that during the day Mthembu drives a 2002 Toyota Corolla and at night he drives the Lamborghini.

But Mthembu is in arrears on his payments for his yellow Lamborghini. The one he bought for former wife Khanyi Mbau has already been repossessed.

“We have been looking for the car for quite some time and we don’t know where it is,” says Van Niekerk.

Van Niekerk says that if anyone is willing to help, they will be compensated by the bank.

Mthembu, who is known for flaunting his material possessions, also failed to pay R850 for a bottle of French champagne, Moët&Chandon, that he ordered at the hot chilling place Alex Boulevard Restaurant and Pub a fortnight ago.

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Anonymous said...

I acctually feel so sad for Mandla he made the worst mistake ever by getting hitched to khanyi and now he is in trouble because of it,but you know if he would just let his pride go, i mean what more do you have to loose and go back home apologies to your family repend yourself and turn you life to the Lord things will turn around for you,will keep you in my prayers.