Thursday, August 27, 2009

Why this country disgusts me

SHOOT: I'm not sure what is worse, our own protection services fighting each other, or just about every service sector going on strike. I'm not sure I buy the court ruling either, saying:

Sowetan: "...the country was on high security alert following the planned exercise in conjunction with SADC members at Lehata in Lesotho."

SHOOT: If anything, the high security alert should relate to crime and increasing numbers of impoverished people who are now striking, somewhat understandably [but how will that solve anything] but finding, increasingly, they have nowhere to turn to, certainly not the government.
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The union also stated that it had received an intelligence report that elements within the army were planning to cause unrest, including kidnapping senior personnel.

The members insisted on forcing their way into the grounds of the Union Buildings, but were sprayed with water cannons.

They then moved to the entrance used by vehicles and were about to sit down when police opened fire on them.

Sandu’s Jeff Dubazana blamed the police for opening fire on the protesters without any prior warning. He said their concern was that the majority of the injured sustained facial and upper body injuries.

Most of them were shot at close range as they were trapped inside the premises. Some tried to scale the fence but were also shot at point blank range.

The protesting soldiers retaliated by attacking police vehicles, setting a military police vehicle alight and smashing windows of at least three police vehicles.

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