Wednesday, August 26, 2009

There is nothing authentic about Fourways. Nothing.

SHOOT: Great article from Sarah Britten. It’s our disconnection from anything resembling human-friendly developments, what is increasingly referred to as ‘New Urbanism’, that makes our living arrangements so depressing. And there’s a simple reason for this. We design places for cars rather than for people.

The comedian David Kibuuka, who is originally from Uganda, used to start his set with the words: “Hi, I’m David and I’m from Fourways.”

It always got a laugh, and, until recently, I never paused to ask myself why. After all, lots of black people live in Fourways. So why should the notion that a black dude lives there be so funny-ha ha? And yet Fourways is the most un-African place anyone can think of. It’s Ford Fiestas in Provencal-themed Summercon complexes, the gleaming fake spires of Montecasino, the Absa balloon tethered to the ground. There is nothing authentic about Fourways. Nothing.

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