Thursday, August 27, 2009

Satellite image of Tropical Storm Danny

SHOOT: Quite a big fella already, and closer to the US landmass straight off the bat than Bill ever was. The next 48 hours will be interesting.
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This Aug. 26, 2009, satellite

A strong tropical storm - perhaps even a Category 1 hurricane - could track along the East Coast and threaten Long Island this weekend, forecasters said.

Surfers took advantage of 12-

Tropical Storm Danny, with winds of more than 45 mph, formed Wednesday and is located east of the Bahamas, forecasters said.

---Click here to see photos of LIers surfing during Hurricane Bill

The National Hurricane Center said there is a chance Danny could hit the area Saturday or Sunday in some form - though forecasters warn storm-tracking paths are unpredictable.

According to historic models, forecasters said there is a 43 percent chance the storm could arrive here with winds of between 39 and 73 mph and a 44 percent chance it could arrive with winds of between 74 and 95 mph - that of a Category 1 hurricane.

"The forecast track is roughly parallel to the U.S. East Coast . . . and any deviation from the track could make a large difference in what areas get impacted by Danny," the National Weather Service said in a statement.

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thomas jones said...

Its beginning to look at lot like Hurricane season...