Thursday, August 27, 2009

A popular sport in the media these days seems to be taking pot shots at the WHO and the CDC for raising the alarm over what has, so far anyway, not turned out to be a horrific pandemic threat.

Not only do the billions of people who live in developing countries outnumber the rest of us, their health and wellbeing actually count.

At least to some people.

SHOOT: Great commentary here. You are not the world; and your opinion - is it shared by the majority, not in your class or country, but other human beings, probably poorer than you, on the planet?

While I believe the jury is still out on what this virus ends up doing, pundits who snort, and write about the H1N1 virus with derision and scorn, may actually have a point

At least if you are relatively well off financially, live in a developed country with good medical care, are in relatively good health, and are older than the `target age’ for this virus – which seems to be from about 5 years – to 24 years of age.

If you meet these requirements (and shouldn’t everybody?), then this virus understandably scores pretty low on your daily threat assessment.

At least as long as hospital beds in your community remain available, and antivirals continue to be effective against this virus.   Otherwise . . .

Of course, if you have a pre-existing condition, or live someplace where medical care isn’t quite so readily available, then this virus might be a wee bit more of a concern.

WHO is the `WORLD’ Health Organization, not the `Middle-to-Upper Class American/European Health Organization
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