Wednesday, August 26, 2009

In late August, the New York Times publishes this article: Peak Oil’ Is a Waste of Energy

SHOOT: If it's mid 2009 and you've got supposedly intelligent publications like the New York Times publishing a virtually factless essay, and calling probably the fundamental issue of our time [energy limits, and energy becoming more expensive] a 'theory', well we are in very deep trouble. I suppose we know that already though [that we're in very deep trouble]. But this is the reason. Here it is. A MIT educated expert telling us that consumption is cool, no worries mate. There's no global warming, business as usual. Note the 180 comments to this idiocy that passes for an article.
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REMEMBER “peak oil”? It’s the theory that geological scarcity will at some point make it impossible for global petroleum production to avoid falling, heralding the end of the oil age and, potentially, economic catastrophe. Well, just when we thought that the collapse in oil prices since last summer had put an end to such talk, along comes Fatih Birol, the top economist at the International Energy Agency, to insist that we’ll reach the peak moment in 10 years, a decade sooner than most previous predictions (although a few ardent pessimists believe the moment of no return has already come and gone).
Like many Malthusian beliefs, peak oil theory has been promoted by a motivated group of scientists and laymen who base their conclusions on poor analyses of data and misinterpretations of technical material.
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