Friday, August 21, 2009

Human Medical Science vs H1N1 Pandemic flu = Springboks vs All Blacks

"Like all influenza viruses, H1N1 has the advantage of surprise on its side," she said.

"We have the advantage of science and rational investigation on our side, supported by... data collection, analysis and communication that are unprecedented in their power."

SHOOT: When you read the above statements, it does start to look like nature's evolutionary science is going in a head to head with our best science. We think we can win.
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"We need to be prepared for whatever surprises this capricious new virus delivers next... constant random mutation is the survival mechanism of the microbial world.
"We also need to prepare for a second or even a third wave of spread as typically seen in past pandemics."
The WHO declared a global pandemic in June, and the UN health agency now says there are confirmed cases in more than 170 countries.
Chan said the issue of how to ensure adequate vaccine supplies worldwide needed to be tackled "head on."
"We need to gather advice on priority groups for initial protection," Chan said.
"This is one of the most difficult decisions governments around the world will need to make, especially as we know that supplies will be extremely limited for some months to come."
The WHO said earlier this week that countries in the northern hemisphere alone had ordered more than one billion doses of swine flu vaccine, sparking warnings about shortages, given the intense demand and production delays.
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