Tuesday, August 25, 2009

How blue pills turned Heidi Krieger into a man

SHOOT: and they lived happily ever after, but hundreds didn't:

George Sievers
Collapsed and died, aged 16, at poolside in 1973 while training. His parents were not given access to the autopsy report. Documents uncovered after the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 revealed that his death was probably caused by a ruptured heart from steroid overloads.

Catherine Menschner
Had to retire early from swimming because of complications from steroid injections. She suffered permanent damage to her spine and reproductive organs.

Birgit Heukrodt
A swimming champion who was diagnosed with a liver tumour in 1993. She became a renowned surgeon.
Andreas Krieger and Ute Krause

Krieger requires regular injections of male hormones to maintain his stubble and other male characteristics. His wife - who administers the injections - comments wryly that Krieger receives male hormones voluntarily, having previously been duped into taking them. The irony is not lost on Krieger, who responds with a huge belly laugh.

It is, perhaps, the ultimate twist in one of sport's most mind-bending stories.

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