Saturday, August 22, 2009

Here are 12 of the most annoying types of Facebook users

SHOOT: I'm a bit of a self [this blog]-promoter, and have strayed occasionally into wanting a sympathy vote. They left two groups out - THE CHRISTIANS and SOPPY-ISTS. The Christians post bible versus and get hundreds of reinforcing comments. The soppy-ists post the most cheesy, lovey dovey stuff and get a hundred girl gushes in response. Like: "A real man will stay awake to watch his perfect partner fall asleep, and be there, awake and waiting, when she wakes..." Ja right.
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The Let-Me-Tell-You-Every-Detail-of-My-Day Bore. "I'm waking up." "I had Wheaties for breakfast." "I'm bored at work." "I'm stuck in traffic." You're kidding! How fascinating! No moment is too mundane for some people to broadcast unsolicited to the world. Just because you have 432 Facebook friends doesn't mean we all want to know when you're waiting for the bus.

The Self-Promoter. OK, so we've probably all posted at least once about some achievement. And sure, maybe your friends really do want to read the fascinating article you wrote about beet farming. But when almost EVERY update is a link to your blog, your poetry reading, your 10k results or your art show, you sound like a bragger or a self-centered careerist.

The Friend-Padder.
The Town Crier.
The Bad Grammarian. "So sad about Fara Fauset but Im so gladd its friday yippe".
The Sympathy-Baiter.
The Lurker.
The Crank.
The Paparazzo.
The Maddening Obscurist.
Facebook can be a great tool, and an occasional annoyance. What kind of Facebooker are you?
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