Friday, August 21, 2009

Friday Tweet: Hi, it's me Nick

Hello on a chilly Friday. I'm writing to you from an unusually glassy clear Johannesburg.

I've got something to say today, and I'll [try to] do so briefly.

Life's not fair, is it? Nope, it's not. And it feels like it is getting less and less fair.

Here are a few handpicked stories that illustrate how unfair it can be:
Lockerbie bomber freed, returns to cheers in Libya
South Africans are paying 10 times more for their phone calls, so cellphone companies can make a mint
South African female runner wins world championship race, but is accused of being a man.

But there is a certain reality in knowing and accepting that unfairness is a reality. This is illustrated beautifully in two of the latest flicks that are wildly popular and have had rave reviews:
- Disgrace [read the review by clicking the image on your right, preferably after reading this article, get it here.]
- and District 9 [Review].

It's when we accept that life is unfair that we can stop whining about it, and start doing something. Respond to what you do like. Perhaps it's this or that. But you get nowhere by insisting that life isn't fair.
This blog isn't about whining whether something is fair or not. It is about providing reality checks about the severity of a number of unravelling situations, from climate change, to our energy predicament, to pandemic flu. It's not saying whether these things are fair or not. It is saying that they are part of our reality. Movies are becoming more and more about reality. You want to know why? Because we spend so much time running away from life, and living in fantasy, that movie fantasy is based on reality. Put another way, reality is fantasy and fantasy is reality.

To be happy, to function effectively, we must put reality under our arms, have a hope and a dream under our caps, and march forward into the world. In the now. Because that is the only place that is real, and the only place where we can find real answers instead of pretend ones. And in the real world nobody cares about what's fair, they simply care about getting on with a thing called life. Good luck on your journey, today, tomorrow, this weekend and onwards.


Ps. Here's something funny to listen to you if you need a laugh ;-)

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