Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Ekkart Arbeit, Caster's coach, under the magnifying glass

7 October 1997: East Germany's chief track and field coach during the era of government-sanctioned steroid abuse was named Australia's head coach today, a move that stunned a German investigator into sports doping.

SHOOT: Here's more from 2003's Telegraph - http://www.telegraph.co.uk/sport/othersports/athletics/2400093/Disgraced-coach-is-linked-to-Lewis.html

Arbeit admitted knowledge of drug use in East Germany during his eight years in senior posts, saying it was "part of the time." "All over the world, and I was working also with athletes in the United States at the same time, everybody was taking drugs," Arbeit told The AP on Thursday. "Everybody took the same or more drugs than East Germany."

"What was in the past, I don't know. What will be in the future is that we have a position, the Australian federation and me, that we will get results without drugs," Arbeit said.

"We've made these searches as extensive as we possibly can and there's nothing to suggest that he is involved directly in the use of performance enhancing substances," Soust said Thursday.
Berlin prosecutors are considering charges against East German coaches accused of supplying performance-enhancing drugs to unsuspecting minors, many of whom now suffer from
liver and kidney problems or other illnesses as adults.
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