Thursday, August 27, 2009

Caster: We see things from the slant that we happen to know is the only straight-up slant there is, the one that God wants the world to have

Denis Beckett: Also, we look forward to seeing Mr Malema welcome the Springbok rugby team at the airport.

SHOOT: I do think we should all be concentrating more on and listening to the views and concerns of others that are less like us, rather than trumpeting our own concerns as those these belonged to everyone equally, they don't. Swine flu is an example of something that may have serious consequences for the poor, who cannot afford medical aid, and little impact on the wealthy. That does not mean - if you are rich and on medical Aid - that it's not important
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It's exactly like accents. I don't have one of those. It's you who do, if you speak differently to me.

It's also exactly like Caster-views. Now that the chief shibboleth of Seffricanism is that Caster is Our Golden Girl Repeat Girl That Word Is Girl, anyone countenancing a certain particular question is instantly written off as a racist and a saboteur and even [block the children's ears] a European.

There's a way that I understand the race thing coming into this. I'll come back to it. But first I tell you how I keep cool when Caster-worship is flung at me. I think of parents at school athletics.

Say there's a bump in a relay, and a stumble. It's uncanny how every Green House parent can give sworn evidence, cross their heart, that Blue's foot strayed into Green's lane, while every Blue House parent saw first hand, direct, Green's flailing elbow put Blue off balance.

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