Friday, July 31, 2009

Zuma says local councillors "aren't doing their jobs", promises "audit"

SHOOT: I googled 'Zuma' since there's been very little umshini wham since he was elected. Umshini is a song, however, that I've heard some protesting construction workers singing, which is kinda ironic. Zuma is currently playing 'Dr. Phil', [see some of his statements below] telling it like it is. See, he doesn't have much choice but to deliver or face massive and widespread revolts. Time to start doing your jobs guys. Here's a reminder what it is: Government is there to serve the people, not the other way around.
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If the reasons for the discontent varied from place to place, they all pointed to problems in South African society, in government and in the way the ANC functions at local level.
"These protests also highlight weaknesses in government institutions. There is no doubt that residents in some of these areas have genuine grievances. There may indeed be corruption and incompetence in the structures that are supposed to manage their areas."
"It is also clear that residents in many areas are frustrated by the lack of information coming forth from their elected representatives, and have a strong sense that their representatives are not listening to them."
"These protests also highlight weaknesses within the ANC structures and the broader democratic movement. The ANC is a people’s organisation, and is supposed to be with and among the people.
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