Tuesday, July 28, 2009

What is the most visited Web page in the world doing?

"They hope to become the default home page for everyone by providing a customizable Swiss Army Knife-like service and interface. It will be interesting to see if this move has as great an impact on their profitability as they hope it will."

According to a popularity ranking report released by ComScore Media Metrix last Thursday, Yahoo ranked second overall, with approximately 154 million visitors in the month of June 2009, narrowly beaten by Google with approximately 156 million visitors.

SHOOT: I had a vision for something like what YAHOO achieved, which I called THE DAILY PLANET. Yahoo's features customise their page into a global assortment geared to the user's preferences. It's still very static and unimaginative, but it's a step closer to what I envisioned and closer to a seamless web experience than most other online operations are achieving. Still love and am passionate about my DAILY PLANET vision.
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Yahoo! Inc. last week announced last week the launch of its newly redesigned web site, which the company says will now focus upon the interests of the user rather than promoting Yahoo's own services.

The Sunnyvale, Calif., company — which calls itself "the most visited Web page in the world" — began preparations for changing its Web presence as part of its efforts to reinvent itself and boost fading profits due to competition from other web sites and services.

In a posting on its official blog, the company explains: "The new launch represents the most significant change to our home page since the company's inception. Our new home page has been built around the people who use it and we've made sure (that) every pixel counts. Gone is the sea of links to Yahoo! products — that was really more about us than you."

The new format allows users to customize their home page with content that they prefer, from displaying a Web page within the home page to their Flickr photos.
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