Wednesday, July 29, 2009

South Africa's Swine Flu Noise: No need to close schools or to cancel the 2010 World Cup - maybe it's time SA authorities heeded the WHO

SHOOT: While Fidel Hadebe triumphantly claims to have the small issue of swine flu in hand, the WHO wants to discuss the issue especially with the 2010 World Cup a few months away.
Where will swine flu be 6 months from now? Interesting that while public schools aren't closing, some parents aren't sending their kids to school, and private schools are closing. It is wise with something as serious as pandemic flu to rather be more cautious, rather be extra cautious than reactionary. And schools are a reservoir for the virus.
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Swine flu: no need to close schools
South Africa’s health authorities insisted there was no need to close schools in the wake of the H1N1 - or swine flu - pandemic.
"There is no need to be closing schools," said health department spokesman Fidel Hadebe.
"It will be disrupting learners and they will go to shopping malls anyway," said Hadebe.
Schools not to close in spite of swine flu

Gia Nicolaides | 4 Days Ago
Panic stricken parents, in the province, are not sending their children to school for fears that they may contract the disease.
Meanwhile, a private school in Sandton suspended all classes on Friday, a week before its official winter school holidays.
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Swine flu closes private schools
THREE private schools in Johannesburg have ended their terms early because cases of swine flu have been confirmed among their pupils.
  • Swine flu hits 30 pupils
  • The World Health Organisation said last week that countries should consider closing schools to slow the spread of the virus.
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