Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Goldman Sachs may awaken Jew-hate, and the Oil price brings us back to where we were - maxing out our credit cards

SHOOT: If you are a dumb citizen with no job you have a lot of time to spend stewing in hate and discontent. You start to point fingers at obvious contenders for the Blame Prize - the Ponzi Schemers, the bankers and the banks themselves. Goldman Sachs will need to watch their backs now while they shovel cash into into their accounts. Good luck.

KUNSTLER: Oil is heading back to the $70 range (with the dollar shedding basis points). That’s the oil price range where the economy begins to get wrecked all over again – that is, whatever remains of the economy. That’s the price range where airlines go back to the intensive care unit and citizens have to max out their credit cards to buy gasoline. We’re moving toward a very hard landing and very soon.
clipped from www.kunstler.com
What bothers me is that, sooner or later, the conduct of Goldman Sachs will lead the growing ranks of the unemployed, foreclosed, disentitled, and hopeless into the hands of a savage right wing seeking mindless vengeance, for instance, against “the Jews,” (as represented by Goldman Sachs), or brown-skinned people (as embodied by a vilified president).
Readers of this blog know I’m allergic to conspiracy theories. But surveying the scene out there, it is hard to not conclude that Goldman Sachs has become the “front-runner” of a criminal syndicate defrauding US taxpayers.  This isn’t the first time in American history that business veered into extremely antisocial behavior on the grand scale. 
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