Wednesday, July 29, 2009

DANIEL BORN: Bomb Scare at Avusa in Rosebank

SHOOT: Curiously despite the building burping out a bunch of journalists and photographers, there doesn't seem any official news on this topic today from those selfsame journalists and photographers. I guess the media don't consider it news when it [news] affects them.
Police sniffer dogs enter the offices of Avusa media during a bomb scare at the offices. Picture: DANIEL BORN
While working (sitting on Facebook) at the office this afternoon, we heard sirens ringing from somewhere in our building. Most continued working and completely ignored the racket downstairs until one of my colleagues came in saying we must evacuate the building as the rest of the publications all seem to be leaving. Thinking it was just a drill, I thought twice about taking my camera, but decided to just in case another story popped up which I would have to go to in the area.

The people spilled onto the street, we slowly made our way to a park opposite the building, many cursing at not being informed of the drill and that the impending deadlines must be stretched. When the first fire-truck responded I assumed this is probably not a drill, but a real life bomb scare, so took my camera out of its bag to take a couple pictures.

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